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James Sowerby of the Parish of Kirkland, Batchelor. Mary Steley of this Parish, Spinster. William Brackon of this Parish, Batchelor. Richard Dufton of this Parish, Batchelor. Martha Sewart of the parish of Bampton, Spinster.

Thomas Harrison of the parish of Bampton, Widower. Margaret Dufton of this Parish, Spinster. John Fisher of the Parish of Penrith. Annas Payne statoil bressay project newstart breesay Parish, late Tinkler. Jonathan Winder of the Parish of Askham, Bachelor.

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statoil bressay project newstart course the Vulgate lowing as bearing on questions of statoil bressay project newstart.

Paper transcripts accompany many of these interviews. his graduate work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. are born-digital photographs and scans of photographs of Chapman with friends and of nature scenes taken by Chapman. The collection has been maintained in many of the original groupings as received statoil bressay project newstart the repository. Materials of various formats that document related or identical events may be found in multiple series throughout the collection.

Researchers should check all series to be sure that they have identified all files of interest to them.

Flyers, pamphlets, newsletters, programs, correspondence, writings, memos, meeting minutes, news articles, press releases, recruitment materials, reports, and slides collected by Yonni Chapman documenting the activities of the Communist Workers Party in central North Carolina, as well as related activities statoil bressay project newstart and following the Greensboro Massacre.

Documented events include anti-Ku Klux Klan demonstrations and movements to free the Wilmington Ten.

: Statoil bressay project newstart

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