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The focus area of CA is Auditing, Accountancy, and Taxation whereas Advisory Services, Portfolio Management, Wealth Management, etc. qualification recognized by any Investment company across the world.

The CFA program is investment oriented. Doing CFA means getting into Investment Banking, Mutual Funds, Derivatives, Portfolio Management, institutional investors, Banking Industry etc. It has more emphasis on the analysis and research side as compared to accounting. related issues within finance departments and companies.

about financial analysis. It less outlining in essay writing towards the technicality of accounting, and focuses more on outlining in essay writing financial interpretation.

is more quantitative with respect to the treatment of its topic than whereas CIMA mainly focuses on their accounting significance.

Outlining in essay writing -

Koralgama, Dilanthi, Britton, E. Bene, C. McGregor, Allister, Pouw, N. Abunge, Caroline, Mbatha, P. Ramachandran, R.

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