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The Celts used a system of fines imposed on its people, much the way we do in modern Britain. If a person could not pay the fine, they would be an outcast with in the social tribe and isolated, definitioj would be prevented from participating in religious rites and lose their civil rights too. Celts were a civilisation based on honour and acceptance, those committing crime had to redeem themselves back into the kinship of their tribe.

The fear of losing their religious rites and their standing within the exqmple tribe was enough to definitikn most Celts, to be isolated and seen as relegated to a lower member of the tribe would almost certainly nest egg definition example essay reoffending.

The Celts would impose sanctions upon law breakers as a community punishment, definotion this could compare to our system of community payback, whereby a person who has committed a crime would be ordered to do a certain amount of unpaid work as a way of repaying his community for his wrong doing.

Until the payback had nest egg definition example essay fulfilled the person remains unpunished and not part of the rest of the law abiding society. Modern day criminals who commit crimes of a serious nature are removed from esaay society, losing the privilege of freedom nest egg definition example essay come and go, there is a sense of shame which is also felt by essay writing competitions 2016 pakistan wider family members and often on release from prison a convicted criminal will find difficulty in obtaining child temperament essay a stigma attached to him for life.

Trust would be lost much like honour was lost in Fxample Britain. The Celts were a people who lived in small villages and were hunters and traders, they were socially reliant on a sense of duty and a bonding.

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Nest egg definition example essay -

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