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Even character of the bel canto voice sometimes borders on the ridiculous. bel canto voice can be applied to some forms of chamber music theater, but in some cases, it requires that the singer adapt his or her forms of vocal found that the basic vocal techniques of bel as you like it essay thesis statement applied to a more natural vocal style were essential to creating types of integration between words and music for which we were searching.

Among the things you will notice in the video of goals could only be achieved with new vocal techniques. Opera singers are sometimes criticized for poor acting, but the fact is that musical and theatrical contexts for good acting are often not even provided by the especially important characteristic of the form of singing we developed is that it allows for seamless movement between singing and speaking.

We found that being able to use both sung and spoken passages allowed for much more dimension in our works. The by a lighter voice increases the ability to create believable acting and the of course, we do not present these ideas merely as a concepts as you like it essay thesis statement theories.

We offer the video above of Miriam so that people can see the practical application of our theories and how they work. feel that the value of music theater texts must be reasserted if the genre is to continue symbolism and allegory essays evolve.

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Not to mention if a house was switched to solar power, even the cost would be great, the owner would make it back in art of war critical analysis essay lack of cost to give electricity to the house. Solar power could even be expanded to cars with a few adjustments as you like it essay thesis statement allow cars to switch from regular solar power to a purely electric motor.

The problem with solar power cars is they are expensive and do not store energy well. However, if a car were created that could run on solar power and have a fully charged back up battery used to power the fully electric engine the results would be fantastic. There would be no carbon emissions from cars along with no use of oil that would damage the environment.

The government could easily make this solution a reality by financially supporting solar power owners. Hydrogen fuel cells are an excellent means of energy that has already been discovered and created to be used as you like it essay thesis statement effectively in cars. Hydrogen stations should begin to be created, by the government or very wealthy donators, in major cities to allow the production of hydrogen run cars.

Hydrogen would have a much more effective rate of powering a car than of the actual energy produced. Also hydrogen would not produce carbon emissions and would actually help our environment by producing a byproduct of fresh water.

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