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Social change may be considered similar to leadership and to advocacy in the sense that it is an advancement on what is the current social situation. Both advocacy keeping promises essay definition edsay direct this change and support it and so in this way, all three concepts work in harmony. Conversely though they can work against one another if the social change that is needed is not what society is being led towards and what keeping promises essay definition leader supports.

Advocating for those that are in need of change does not necessarily mean that those agencies that can facilitate these changes will listen, and act.

Social change may equally be brought about by the people rather than the agencies that lead them in the case of a revolt or uprising. What these comparisons show us is that social change is not an event that can occur spontaneously without leadership or advocacy, but it can occur aided by only one.

Perhaps the keeoing positive, fair, and holistic social change can only be brought about if uw tacoma essay prompt views and feelings of all are considered and to do this, both leadership and advocacy must work in keeping promises essay definition. The world has grown more stratified, but the poor have grown more aware, through the media, of the extent of the divide between the haves and have-nots.

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